Thursday, May 18, 2006

Acupuncture Research and PTSD

Over the past year, I have been fortunate to have been asked to participate in the creation of a two grant proposals involving the effects of acupuncture on PTSD. University of Louisville's Michael Hollifield MD, Associate Professor in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences and the Medical Director of Biobehavioral Oncology, had conducted an initial study in at the University of New Mexico (my alma matter) in 2003. Nityamo Lian DOM (and a fellow alum from the International Institute of Chinese Medicine) helped create a standard treatment protocol that allows for not only a general "point prescription", but also for individual variation. At this time, the results of the study have not been published on-line, but I do have some old links to the research, as well as a link to ongoing clinical trials in the acupuncture world. As for me, at this time both of the proposals received low scores which means more revisions, more resubmissions, and more waiting. With hope, we have funding for both studies in the next few months. Please put out the good vibes for us - having seen some of the patients coming into my mental health facility, we need all the diversity of treatment we can get in helping our soldiers.

Acupuncture for Relief of PTSD Symptoms Studied

Acupuncture Trials


kbug said...

I was wondering if you used this on our boy??? Or was it just your love that helped him???? :)

JING Acupuncture said...

LOL! Actually, I don't treat family for mental/emotional issues because it is too ethically sticky.

kbug said...

Well, he credits you for his it must be love..... :)

I told him once that having someone to hold would make a difference. I think he thought I was bullshitting him...but I'm not the bullshit artist, he is..... :)

Are his nightmares really gone?

Barefoot Medicine Woman said...

Hi Jing,
Keep up the good work!

I'd love to connect with you as I'm also an acupuncturist and am working closely with the military in the UK to introduce acupuncture as a viable treatment for PTSD. If you get this message, please contact me at Barefoot Medicine International ( )

Hope to hear from you! Take care