Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Neck Pain

One of the major limitations with most acupuncture research is the small sample size - so many of the studies just meet the minimum 30 participants to make the study statistically significant. Fortunately, there is no shortage of people suffering with neck pain and willing to volunteer. Here is a quick survey study of recent research findings.

From The Scotsman Wed 19 July 2006

Study proves acupuncture can aid neck pain and stiffness

ACUPUNCTURE is effective in helping people suffering neck pain, a review of evidence has concluded.

Some sceptics have claimed any benefit from using the technique is down to a patient's expectation that the treatment will work - a placebo effect.

Now a group of researchers has analysed ten trials, with a total of 661 patients, which investigated whether acupuncture alleviated neck pain.

It is estimated that between 26 per cent and 71 per cent of adults suffer neck pain or stiffness.
The Canadian researchers said that in many cases, pain could last for months.

The review found that overall, people who received acupuncture reported better pain relief immediately after treatment than those who received dummy treatments, such as laser methods with the machines switched off, or acupuncture with the needles inserted in the wrong places.

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