Saturday, August 15, 2009

OT: Husband's Book is Available for Pre-Order!!!

Sometimes I need to discuss life beyond Acupuncture News:

When I met my husband, he had just come back from Iraq and started falling into the PTSD patterns of behavior including lots of eating and drinking to "feed the soul hole." He was one of the most influential military bloggers while he was over there and loved being a solider but when he came back he lost himself.

One of his therapies on the road to recovery was to put the experience in writing. After a few years of trying to find a publisher and hearing "the Iraq market is saturated" or "it isn't political, you have to make it more anti-war/Bush" or "not enough combat and pro-military content," the book is finally going to come out this year in November. I am so proud of this story and his coming out about his experiences with PTSD which will hopefully show that average guys in stressful situations are allowed to ask for help when things fall apart.

Here is some more about the book and the publisher:

It is defiantly a feel good memoir that provides insight into a soldier's experience sans political ramblings one way or another. So for readers on your Christmas list . . . .

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