Tuesday, March 08, 2011

The Gardacil Debate

As a Western and Eastern medicine provider that focuses on health promotion and disease prevention, I strongly hope for that the quest for the ultimate cancer vaccine will end for the good and we will all get our shot, go home, and be healthy. I also strongly advocate for due diligence in researching any substance you plan to put into your body rather than succumbing to emotional fear tactics used to convince you that taking, or not taking, a particular regimen makes you ignorant and irresponsible.

Vaccination for HPV and cervical cancer is something parents and individuals need to decide in partnership with their provider. However, I have to voice my own irritability at the manner in with Merck initially used their "One Less" campaign to insinuate getting the vaccine for your daughter made you a responsible parent because it would prevent her from contracting HPV or cervical cancer ever . . . mostly. I found it interesting that, unlike commercials for other pharmaceutical products where use in conjunction with lifestyle recommendations are made, this one left out safe sexual practices as a means of prevention. I am also piqued that even though Garacil has been approved for use in males, it is not getting the same goose-for-gander recommendation for vaccination (it reminds me of the very old condom commercials that told young men not to let the women stop you from using one . . . as if women are the ultimate apple-wielding culprits of STIs!).

For those who are or have children ages 9-26 who want to look at both sides of the propaganda campaigns, here are some resources.

CDC Information on Gardacil

Merck's Gardacil Page (remember Vioxx?)

Truth About Gardacil (remember when the MMR caused Autism?)

One More Girl Pledge Page

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