Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Breast Cancer Studies

It is not worth posting the numerous reports out concerning the effectiveness of acupuncture and the alleviation of side effects in the treatment of breast cancer.  Those of us who practice on patients undergoing chemo know how well it works.  So do the patients.  The interesting (well, typically disturbing) thing is, the amount of people already crying foul at the research design.

A double blind study is not possible in acupuncture research and I am sick of people like "Orac" (a self-described humble surgeon scientist that will not give a real name) calling acupuncture studies worthless because of that fact.  Oriental Medicine cannot be researched in the same way pharmaceuticals can be, but that does not mean all positive outcomes are the result of the placebo effect.  Is is so hard for these folks to conceive that for a different system of medicine there needs to be a different system of research design? 

Speaking of double blind randomized control studies,  I am especially surprised that this latest tirade comes from a surgeon.  You know what surgical techniques  you do when you are in the OR during various -ectomys or -astys or the like.  That is not double blind even though the patient selection may be randomized.  It seems we both have our shortcomings.

Such is the plight.  My latest line for people who say "aren't the results all in your head?" is "if that were case, how is it animals get better with acupuncture?"  I am also fond of pointing out that, other than amputation, everything is in your head.  That sounds more snarky than I like to be. Or should be.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Quick Personal Update

Here is the short version:

I opened my new location in August - I bought it after looking at it or over a year and I can now walk to my office!  My clients love the new space and I am already getting booked up!
I have been teaching at Bellamine all summer and will probably have a full Fall/Spring load
I have been taking a few classes for my NP at Bellarmine that are kicking my tush
I have been traveling like crazy and am going to Albuquerque next week for my husbands art show (yeah!)
I have been ignoring this blog for the 3rd time this year 

Will post something meaningful soon!