Saturday, February 25, 2012

Product Highlight: Omni-Gym

Anti-gravity and aerial exercise have been making waves for the past few years, though many gyms are hesitant to offer the trend. These suspension systems provide no-impact, body weight resistance training to promote flexibility strength and balance. They can help decompress the spine using a variety on inversion techniques appropriate for those with everything from bulging discs to fibromyaligia without the ankle strain many of the standard tables provide. Plus you can at least momentarily pretend you are in your own Cirque du Soleil show!

Not all systems are created equal and not everyone has the ability to install the apparatus safely in their ceiling or doorway. I recently came across the Omni-Gym offered by Yoga Swing and am impressed with the variety it offers at a price less than many home gyms. We plan to provide a personal review in the near future, but in the meantime, take a look for yourself. They are offering discounts through March on the total system if you are waiting to wait a few weeks for delivery.

The most versatile suspension fitness trainer you'll ever own!

From the creators of the original YogaSwing, Omni-Gym™ brings you the best health and fitness suspension swing technology out there.

The Omni-Gym will take your fitness and flexibility routine to a whole new level: As you are suspended in space, your workouts are entirely body-weight oriented and therefore highly effective. You will find yourself stretching and strengthening muscles you didn't even know you had! Used by athletes, gymnasts, martial artists, dancers, yogis and fitness buffs worldwide, the Omni-Gym is truly one of those versatile workout tools that can be adapted to whatever kind of workout or stretching session your body (or profession) most requires.

Not only is the Omni-Gym an incredibly effective suspension fitness, martial arts and sports trainer, but just like its predecessors it is an amazing anti-gravity yoga/stretching and aerial dance tool. And don't forget it does wonders for back and neck care.

Oh, and did we mention that it is easily portable, quick set-up, multifunctional and FUN? what more could you ask more!

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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Recent Favorites in Self-Care

We are six weeks into the new year and the enthusiasm for goals or resolutions may be waning or have been abandoned. Since health and wellness are almost always on everyone's let for improvement,  wanted to share some of my favorite tools and products I have been recommending and personally using for health promotion and disease prevention.

You Are Your Own Gym by Mark Lauren
Long, steady state cardiovascular exercise may have it's place when training for races, but in the real world, functional training that encourages strengthening of the muscles you use most for activities of daly living should be the focus of any exercise plan. This book has over 100 body-weight exercises, some of which incorporate common household items, with 10 different methods of combining them for an optimal 20 minute fitness routine 4 times per week.

Personal Training With Jackie: 30 Day Fast Start
This DVD offers two 20-minute workouts, one upper and one lower body, where you combine two exercises in sets of increasing reps. Short, powerful, effective with minimal equipment needs.  It is a great addition to her XTreme Timesaver DVDs and book This is Why You're Fat.

Pure Lean Protocol Weight Management
All the supplements you need in one box without a lot of unnecessary additives. This set includes choice of pure or blended whey protein powder in chocolate or vanilla, pure lean fiber, and a daily pure pack containing a multivitamin, Omega-3,  magnesium, alpha lipolic acid, and taurine. For about $2/day, it is a great way to establish a baseline of nutrition. These are hypoallergenic and made in the USA.

Fertility Friend
My favorite app, website, and community support system for women to understand and track their menstrual cycles. There are tutorials on how to chart, factors that impact cycle regularity, and expected signs and symptoms. The majority of the site is free, and they offer a VIP subscription for a few extra bells and whistles that you may or may not be interested in.

emWave Biofeedback
This is an amazing daily tool to help train you to bring the mind and body into cohearence.  It is best used in conjunction with a health professional to learn the basics, track your progress, and troubleshoot issues.  For those with stress, anxiety, panic, or emotional lability, you can learn to control your reactions by staying calm and present in the moment. It may be part of a self-improvement plan or used in conjunction with other therapies to manage mood and anxiety disorders.