Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A Football Fraud-Acupuncture News Partnership

For once, I can actually post something relevant to two of my blogs!

The New York Times (normally not a name I trust in news) reported on a colleague dubbed "the traveling NFL acupuncturist." My issues, other than jealousy, is that the article does not say where she received her training and it seems she is practicing a "if it hurts, stick it" style of acupuncture. Granted, this is essentially the premiss of dry needling and medical acupuncture, but it is bothersome how much she is raking in for performing a best-guess procedure.

I reiterate, I am jealous.

I have often wondered why reports of professional athletes receiving acupuncture were few and far between, but with hope, news like this will get some of the pro and college teams interested in incorporating it into their programs.

And now, some predictions:

This weeks winners: Eagles, Saints, Bears, Packers, Titans, Chiefs, Dolphins, Vikings, Giants, Chargers, Colts, Rams, Seahawks, Falcons, Ravens, and Patriots

It will not be 3 points that the Patriots win by against the Jets, however they will still think they are winning the super-bowl just because Rex Ryan says so and queek-by victories are still victories

In light of Drew B. winning the Sports Illustrated athlete of the year award, they will double the usual mentions of how much the city of N.O. has been through during their match-up with the Bengals (and TO will dominate this week again)

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Call It Like It Is PLEASE!

The headline reads, "Ashland acupuncturist agrees to surrender license," but not because he is an acupuncturist. It is because he was practicing naturopathy without a license. Which he relinquished earlier this year due to complaints. My issue with this story is that the headline should have "Naturopath" in the title since that is the field of violation. Leading the story with "Acupuncturist" tarnishes the profession unnecessarily and inaccurately.

Thursday, November 04, 2010

Get Fit, Be Full!

To preempt the upcoming belly bulge, this Holiday Season Jing is donating 10% of fitness, gear, and supplement purchases from JingBody to combat hunger with Dare to Care!

A member of Feeding America, the mission of Dare to Care is to end hunger in our community through partnerships, innovative programs, and community engagement. It is estimated 175,000 people are at risk for hunger across the 13 Kentucky and Indiana counties served by Dare to Care. Last year, over 192,000 people received emergency food assistance, including 40,000 children.

While I love helping people one-on-one, it is difficult to fit in extra voulenteer work with running a business, teaching, practicing self and family care, and working toward my doctorate. So far this year we have raised money for the National Alliance for Mental Illness, the Denny Crum Foundation, and the Red Cross. We hope to make a good showing for Dare to Care too!

To help out, go to www.JingBody.com and click on "shop." Feel free to contact me is you have questions on any of the program or products. Ge Fit! Give Back!

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

We Made Another "Top" List!

Online Medical Assistant named us one of the Top 50 Resources! The list has blogs from several different health care areas, both in and out of the US. Topics include everything from attending nursing school as a male or person with a disability, to HIPPA and hospice, to marketing and administration.

Check out Jing and some of the other mentions at: Online Medical Assistant

Thanks for another kudos!