Sunday, August 27, 2006

For Just a Little Money Down . . .

. . . you can get rid of that pain in the neck. There is nothing like a large sample size to support a point (no pun intended)!

Yes, acupuncture really does have a point, study reveals
By Hannah Devlin from The Times Online

A study has found that acupuncture not only helps to relieve pain but is a cost-effective way of doing so.

More than 3,400 patients suffering from neck pain were studied over a three-month period by scientists based at the Berlin Institute of Social Medicine. About half received acupuncture in addition to routine care.

The researchers, whose study is reported in the journal Pain, found that the extra cost of the acupuncture treatment resulted in health benefits that were great enough to make the treatment cost-effective.

“Acupuncture isn’t controversial any more,” said Claudia Witt, who led the project. “We’ve shown that it works.” She added that it was in no way comparable to other alternative therapies. ”

One in five people in Britain suffers from long-term pain and about half of these have taken time off work because of it. While acupuncture is provided in the majority of pain clinics in Britain, access to the treatment is limited.

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Anonymous said...

No wonder it's cost-affective, especially if it concerns health care. It has always been expensive, especially in the USA. Yes, health can be bought, be ready to just to fork out...