Tuesday, February 27, 2007


I received an interesting e-mail today from a place calling themselves "the International Institute of Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture." The headlines were:
1 - Eliminate a headache in 15 seconds
2 - An alternative to the Acupuncture needles
3 - Special tuition offered by our International Institute
4 - General notes

I did a quick browse and skimed the headache article, read the theory that underwire bras are pressing on the YangMing merdian which "accumulates energy in the breast, and becomes, with time, a stagnation and accumulation of the energy CHI. This could very well be an important cause of Breast-Cancer." Then there were several "teasers" on subjects including obesity, infertility and a piece on magnetic, needle free acupuncture. Nothing much came up a Google search of the founder of these methods, Prof. Jin Ke Yu.

You have to become a member of their organization before you are allowed to sign up for their classes. Included in the membership is a newsletter and, well, a newsletter with all kinds of "exclusive" information. No indication on class delivery method, but the company is based in Beijing. See what you think.


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