Friday, April 11, 2008

MIA Message

The news in the acupuncture world has been dismally uninteresting of late. Lots of private practice press releases and "did you know acupuncture was good for" types of news are the bulk of what I have been receiving. I have not felt compelled to pass along things I have already covered, but I also lost total track of time ans I see it has been over two months since my last post! I have not attend any more CEU seminars to report back on either, shame on me, and I am in a quandary as to weather I am going to go see Richard Tan or Mary Elizabeth Wakefield this summer.

However, the other reason for the delay is general life. I started nurse practitioner school this semester and just moved into a new house a few days ago (we had been looking and planning for nearly a year). My practice is continuing to grow and I am hoping to change my office in the next few months.

It somehow seems like a lot more when you live it as opposed to when you write it.


Unknown said...

Jing Acupuncture,

Congratulations on starting your ARNP program. I am also a Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (with an accredited doctorate) and 1/2 through my ARNP. As an RN already, I am sure you can appreciate how difficult it is to establish professional credentials. This is especially true for those of us in the natural health community who already have to deal with mail order degrees etc.

It is for this reason that I am disappointed in your attempt to promote yourself as a doctor. From your website, it is clear that you have a Masters Degree and are utilizing the New Mexico loop hole to call yourself Doctor. I feel this is misleading to your patients, disrespectful of people who have spent a great deal additional time in school and serves to weaken our profession in the eyes of the biomedical community.

I hope that in the future our roles and licensing will become consistent but until then please be honest, your credentials already speak for themselves.

Good luck in your upcoming studies.

OneDNP said...

Chris - thank you for replying to my post. As soon as NM changes their title from DOM, I will follow suit. I earned my licensing credential in a valid manner, not from a mail-order company. I do not pretend to have an acupuncture doctorate, not do I allow my patients to call me anything but Jaclyn.

My credentails do speak for themselves. I am a Doctor of Oriental Medicine, but I am not DAOM - I have never promoted myself as such and am misleading no one.

Best of luck with your ARNP.