Saturday, July 11, 2009

Jing is On Twitter!

I decided twitter was more fun than Facebook, so feel free "Tweet" me.

The 2-D communication is starting to get out of hand though.  One of my clients believes we are going to completely loose the ability to communicate with each other in person and that we all need to get Miss Manners to re-write the rules of etiquette. 

News updates lately have been more of the same. Acupuncture is still good for back pain, chemo side effects, your pets, and combined with exercise for PCOS. I have been reading several "show me the proof" blogs from a lot of folks who have never tried acupuncture and would decry the existence of DNA if they could go back 60 years. In the meantime acupuncturists are trying to lobby for inclusion in national healthcare coverage which should make my practice quite interesting should it go through. As I am up to my neck in my practice, teaching, and preceptorship I am out of time for organizational activity.  

I just know some good research will be up any day now!

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