Thursday, April 22, 2010

Legislative Update

Well, the bill to change our title to "Licensed Acupuncturist" did not pass, and that is a shame. However, we are still certified to practice, so at least we did not loose anything.

I am actually really surprised we did not get this through. The Kentucky Medical Association was so busy kicking up such a histrionic fuss over the proposed changes to the ARNP scope of practice legislation (sadly, also did not pass), that they they actually supported the LAc bill. But, as is the case with so much of politics, the backer of our bill irritated some fellow state senators and as a result, they opposed anything he brought to the floor. Lovely.

Isn't pride one of the 7 deadly sins?

But, in better news, check out this story from a soldier who underwent an extensive rehab program, including acupuncture, at the Warrior Combat Stress Reset Center at Fort Hood. I only wish they would hire trained acupuncturists instead of MDs who went to a seminar. Someday . . .

A US medic's tale of traumatic war stress treatment

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