Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Balancing Act

I normally do not promote promotion of medical acupuncture since, contrary to the contention of this article, most physicians who practice medical acupuncture are not experts in both fields, but rather specialists in one and dabbles in the other. I will forgo my usual rant about weekend courses, dry needling practices, and cookbook style acupuncture and instead be mollified that the EU and USA appear to be on the same 1/4 page of acceptance when it comes to insurance coverage for evidenced-based CAM therapies.

Getting the Balance Right (excerpt)
By Lizzy Beckwith for CypresNews Jan. 16, 2011

Even diehard medical traditionalists accept that acupuncture is excellent for pain relief. Back pain, knee pain, tennis elbow as well as pain caused by many other health issues, including cancer, can be greatly relieved. It is also beneficial when traditional drugs have ceased to be effective or dosages need to be reduced due to side-effects. Acupuncture’s approach to pain relief is more holistic, using the body’s own abilities to find balance, heal, or release pain relieving chemicals. Mainstream medical specialists often recommend" acupuncture to patients to help with their recovery.

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