Wednesday, November 02, 2011

‎"Melting You Icebergs"

A Facebook professional contact posted this recently and I thought it was worth sharing because, chances are, you are reading this on a computer and susceptible to frozen icebergs!  


You keyboard right?  

Midway between the far end of your shoulder and your spine there is a gathering point for stress. It feels both good and bad whenever someone presses on it. 1 iceburg on each shoulder. Not quite as bad as Atlas.  So let's melt them.

Push your shoulders up to your ears or as far as they will go. Then let them fall slowly and SOFTEN. Think of hot butter. Think of ice melting. Move your right hand to your left shoulder and gently GRAB that point and squeeze, not like you are wrestling with an enemy, but like you are embracing a wounded loved one. With care. And work out sone of that tender stiffness. Do the same with the other hand and shoulder.  Then make some really REALLY BIG circles with your shoulders. All the way up back down forward, and around and around.  

W O R K I T O U T.

Now step away from your computer and do something else for a while. Take care of you!

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