Friday, December 23, 2011

Quick Coherence for Holiday Peace

We have been using a lot of Biofeedback for soldiers with PTSD to decrease anxiety and increase mindfulness. I am currently in the process of reviewing the emWave by HeartMath to determine if it is a good fit to use and recommend at Jing, and one of the initial practices suggested is a short heart meditation that does not require the aid of a device. Detailed information is available on their website along with a number of free tools and research. Try out this quick, proactive practice for your own centered presence before taking on holiday traffic or that pesky family drama!

Step 1: Focus
Bring awareness to the area around your heart in the center of your chest.  Place your hand over your sternum to help maintain this focus.

Step 2: Breath
Begin by taking your normal breaths gradually deepening each inhale and elongating each exhale. Imagine each inhale and exhale originates and flows freely from your heart center. Continue this practice until the breath feels natural and relaxed.

Step 3: Feeling
As you maintain your heart focus and breath, recall a positive memory or pleasurable feeling. Try to re-experience that moment, taking in all of the enjoyable sensory and interpersonal aspects that bring joy and peace. Linger here, allowing yourself to rebalance and recharge before moving forward.

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