Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Get the Dynasty look

When I was in school, I was trained in how to perform acupuncture facelifts, although the professionally accepted description these days if acupuncture facial rejuvenation. I have begun to get more inquires about this in my practice and I have to say they one of those procedures that are a lot of fun to deliver. The results do not look like a surgical facelift, but then, who wants to spend $30,000 for surgery to have it look like you had surgery? This is a great alternative and nearly everyone I have treated has seen visible and lasting results.

Acupuncture 'facelifts' given to Chinese empresses are now available here, as Charmian Evans reports

The wrinkles say it all - we're getting older. More and more of us don't like what we see in the mirror and are turning back the clock by a variety of methods. Botox injections and facelifts are on the increase, but now there is a method that doesn't involve toxic treatments or surgery.

The acupuncture "facelift" is the latest option. Unlike many other treatments, it has been in use for thousands of years. Cosmetic acupuncture was performed on the Empress (and Emperor's concubines) back in the Sung Dynasty, around 960AD. For centuries the Chinese have known that nourishing the inner body will ensure the face is radiant.

Sharon Yelland has seen the effects acupuncture can have. A qualified nurse and midwife, she trained mainly in China. Back in England, she and two colleagues set up one of the first NHS acupuncture clinics for pregnant women, attracting the interest of Prince Charles, who presented them with a joint award from the Foundation for Integrated Medicine.

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kbug said...

I've actually heard of this. Like I asked once before....are you coming to Texas any time soon??? :)

OneDNP said...

Actually, I am very excited that I will be attending Mary Elizebeth Wakefield's acupuncture certification seminar this summer and Mai Zen training in the winter. I am considering making this a practice focus.

And I am sorry to inform you, but having lived in Dallas, Texas I am not that eager to go back, especially this time of year! Do you still have that color scale that tells you who should not go inside and breath? But you neber know - the AOM holds their yearly conference there so I might pop into Austin next year.

kbug said...

You lived here once?? I didn't know that. Are you from Texas? Oh my gosh, it would just be too funny if "our boy" was hooked up with a "Texan"...he's such an Okie boy...lol!!! And yes...we do still have color-coded days...today was a red day with 100 degrees and smog. Don't you miss that??? :)

So what are those two training sessions for? The dynasty facelift?? Should be a good specialty to get into these days. Almost everybody wants to look younger than they are.

If you ever do make it down to Texas, be sure to give me a call...and drag "you know who" along with you...that's the only way he'll ever make it down here..... :)