Thursday, June 15, 2006

Local Spotlight

I am always happy to see an article on alternative medicine on the front page, but when two fellow acupuncturists who have poured their energy and drive into making the Kentucky acupuncture law a reality, I am ecstatic. I had at least three clients tell me about this piece before I saw it for myself so I have high hopes that this kind of press will broaden awareness and bring people in the door.

Alternative healing Acceptance grows for nontraditional treatment
By Laura Ungar

Danielle Weakland lounged on a recliner as acupuncturist Jeffrey Russell stuck tiny needles into her arms, legs and left ear.

The ancient Chinese treatment is supposed to correct the flow of "qi," or vital energy. Weakland said she hopes it regulates her menstrual cycle, just as it relieved digestive and gallbladder problems in the past. "It's worked wonders," the 27-year-old Louisvillian said.

Despite such endorsements, acupuncture has been unregulated in Kentucky -- until now.
In mid-July, a new state law will require acupuncturists to meet national standards for education and certification, which critics and proponents alike say will bring the practice more into the mainstream. The law is the latest example of a growing trend to lend legitimacy to all sorts of nontraditional medical practices.

More hospitals and physicians across Kentucky and the nation offer "alternative" or "complementary" medicine alongside traditional services.

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